Thursday, July 14, 2011

Born this way!!

Most of us are ashamed of ourselves, or bodies. It makes us feel low and ultimately decrease our confidence.

I gave it thought today, and had a look at myself in the mirror. The first thought that striked my mind was” Why am I feeling bad about myself?? I am simply born this way. Who will like me if I don’t like myself??”

After all this thought process, I came to the conclusion I will work on pleasing myself rather than demoralizing it.

What I can do to enhance my body or personality:

The way one looks greatly depends on the clothes one wear, they way one carries them. The same hot glamorous outfit may look fabulous on a model and weird on an old lady. So it depends on your body type what will suit you? What can make you look better?

Mostly people have dressing sense depending upon their job, colleagues or family; rather than their body, personality or desire. This is the major reason behind a poor dressing sense.

Everyone can work this out by doing a little research and trials of what your body loves and looks best in. For example a guy with firm shoulders should go for tight t-shirts while someone with loose or say shoulders with a little bend should prefer shirts. This will cover up their shoulders.

If one wears clothes according to their body type, they can very well hide the fats or cellulite that once embarrassed them.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hi all !! I just went for a movie last Sunday. And suddenly the subject for my next post creep-ed in my mind : CARGOES... Any guesses which movie I saw ??? Yeah I am talking about Ready :)

Cargoes came up in mid 1930s. But not as a casual wear or clothing. They were originally designed specially for soldiers. They were first worn by British military commandos. The original cargoes had huge pockets on the sides and in front to provide storage for gears. They were made of extra tough fiber to make them more resistant to wear and tear.

It was in late 1990s, that cargo became a part of fashion trend. Cargoes were initially worn by the hip hoppers and became a symbol for rappers and hip hoppers. Then the fashion got wide spread. With time, the fashion came in and out. And we are here with the latest much modified cargoes. Now we have cargo pants in lighter fabric and many designs and patterns. For men, the latest are the ones worn by Salman Khan in Ready (Dhink Chika song). Military print was the basic pattern of cargoes, but now it is available in almost all colors and designs. Guys can pair cargoes with tight round neck t-shirts ("Being Human" for sure if you are Sallu fan :) ).

Cargoes are comfortable and looks great on a outing. Semi cargoes or Capri are also available in market. They can be worn with floaters and Tees. Cargo Capri is great for monsoon. It is comfy and dry quickly. For gals, cargoes are modified a lot to give it a feminine look. Cargoes are made from silk and much lighter fabric. Embellished with laces and ribbons, and the stone work on them adds to the glamour. Here are some samples to choose from.

So, its time to do some dhink chika in your cool cargoes :)

Ps. Video Source: YouTube From movie Ready

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Apple has launched iphone 4 in India

The most awaited moment in the cell phone industry. Apple has launched iphone 4 in India. The youth is going crazy behind this latest master piece by Apple.

I must iphone 4 is worthy for all this blaze. It has got everything. Great design, awesome applications, sleek finish, and feather touch screen. It's not just a phone, it has become a fashion trend.

After a long wait, the youngsters of India can be the proud owner of this master piece. Many telecom companies have grabbed the opportunity to take a dive in the iphone pool. Companies like Airtel and Aircel have brought special contract schemes for customers to get an iphone4 at a reasonable rate.

Apple is giving tough competition not only to cell phone companies, but it will also affect business of other gadgets like digi cams, ipods and tabloids etc.

Let me not move more far into the business section, and come to the fashion aspect of iphone4.

Apple has launched iphone 4 in 2 basic colors: white and black.

iphone 4

Apple has launched iphone 4 in India

But that does not limit the trend setter's creation. There are hundreds of trendy back covers and hand case available in market to add a bling to your iphone.

Fashion world

Be it a girl or a guy. Every body has got a choice. All the ladies out there can go for these sparkling gem studded back covers for their iphone. It will not only decorate your phone but will create a fashion statement according to your personality.

iphone4 bck cover

iphone4 bck cover

iphone4 bck cover

iphone4 bck cover

The guys can go for some simple back covers like these ones in black and white or metallic grey. It will be attractive as well as provide safety to your precious gadget.

fashion blog

Some cases are just classy. and would add more increase the fashion quotient of your iphone.

What makes iphone4 irresistibly fashionable is it's sleek edges and flat back and front design. The finishing is smooth and attractive. It add glam to the hands and make one a proud owner.

iphone 4 in India

So, no time to waste. Grab the opportunity.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Footwear for monsoon

Choosing right footwear for monsoon is little tricky, if you don't want to compromise with your looks and fashion statement. You need a footwear that goes well for the season and also looks coool !

Leather footwear and closed tight shoes are a complete no-no for monsoon. Air circulation is necessary in rainy season as closed shoes may cause skin infection easily.

Moreover, shoes get soggy when wet, and gets damaged. Keep those expensive foot wears in the cabinet to avoid damage in monsoon.

In monsoon, footwear made up of water proof material are ideal. They are mostly made of rubber. Hence dry easily and will not get damaged due to water.

One should avoid wearing flats in monsoon, because flats cause mud spills on the back while walking. Sandals and slippers with straps are best for pedestrians.

Flip-flops are the stars of monsoon season. They come in vibrant colors and looks cool on both guys and gals. The large variety of colors and patterns makes them the most wanted. They are suitable for the season and are funky in look.

Here are some vibrant variety of shoes you can put on this monsoon:

The coolest and comfortable tag goes to the colorful rubber slippers. The wide range of designs and colors makes them the first choice in monsoon. They are washable and dry quickly. They goes well with jeans and tees. Gals can carry matching handbag to make a style statement.

fashion world

Guys can have any of these trendy, rubber soled foot wears in their cabinet. Sandals, strapped slippers etc. all are available in different colors and looks great for a college day or walk out.

fashion news


shows fashion

Slippers may ruin your attire while walking as mud spills on the back, if your are wearing flats. For walkers foot wears with a strap at the ankle or heel goes really well.

For working women slippers would not go so well. You have an option too, shoes made of water-proof material are also in this monsoon. Companies have launched rubber bellies and shoes for sophisticated look yet suitable for monsoon.

Boots are for the wilder ones. Gum boots goes really well with jeans and short t-shirts. Ideal for a outing or trip.

If you don't like simple foot wears, there are some funky foot wears that would be just perfect for your personality. You just have to choose the right one. Monsoon foot wears have a huge range of funky and cool foot wears in various designs.

So, what are you waiting for ? Monsoon is at the door step. Just run to the market, and get your foot wears soon. But remember, washable, easy-to-dry and comfortable is the foot wear motto this season.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Foot care in monsoon

Foot care in monsoon

When talking about beauty and body care, feet are the most neglected parts of our body.

Beautiful long legs add charm to the body. Though they carry burden of entire body, we don't give them the pampering they deserve.

Monsoon is on. The chilling breeze, cool rain drops makes the environment lovely. But not everything is so wonderful about the monsoon. Specially for the foot. Walking in the rain could be fun for once, but the feet pay for it later. Dirt and mud gets accumulated in the nail pores. The natural moisture of feet is lost due to humidity and germs are just an addition to the list.

So, our feet needs an extra hand of care in monsoon to keep them hygienic and beautiful.

Regular regime for foot care must include washing feet with liquid, scrubbing to remove the dead skin, dabbing with moisturizer to retain the lost one.

For monsoon, we need to take a little bit of more care. Following some simple steps can give you soft and supple feet in monsoon too.

1. Wash feet with luke warm water and anti septic soap or liquid to remove off the germs that may cause fungal infection in long run. After washing, dry them completely.

2. After drying the feet, its time for some cleaning. In monsoon, mud gets accumulated in nails easily. Take a nail cutter and remove off the dirt from in between the nails smoothly.

3. Then dab the feet in good quality moisturizer. But remember, moisturizer should not be applied between the toes.

4. A weekly pedicure is ideal for monsoon season. Professional beauticians gives great pampering to the feet, but if you don't have that much time, a home based pedicure can also serve the purpose. A good pedicure is not only good for your feet, but can help in relaxing the entire stressed out body.

Start with soaking your feet in warm water containing lemon juice and liquid soap. Keep the feet in water for about 20 minutes. After that start with scrubbing, this would easily remove off the dead skin layers as the feet are wet. For scrubbing you can use a gentle scrubber or pumice stone. Then cut trim the nails, and clean the pores, and push back the cuticles. You can also clean your nails using a old brush. Just rub the brush gently on the nails. This will remove the dead cuticles easily. Rinse off the feet in same water again, and then once in cold water. Pat them dry. Apply small quantity of moisturizer, and give a foot massage starting from upside towards the toes. This increases the blood circulation.

If you think the above procedure takes much time, you can go for a short pedicure.

First wash your feet with warm water. Then dab some tissues in lemon juice and rub the feet with it. This would remove the odour and germs. Then rinse off the feet once again. And apply moisturizer and wear a pair of clean socks for better absorption over night.

Avoid wearing closed shoes or boots in monsoon, as water is clogged in them and this would lead to fungal infection. Instead wear sandal and slippers.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Breitling Replica Watch

If you will allow your imagination to a take you on a quick and exciting journey back in time to a place you have never been before, at least not in this life, to the year 1884 there you will meet Leon Breitling who was the man who established the Swiss watch brand we know today under the original family name of Breitling.

1884 was the year that many things happened in our history. Some of those events that may be of interest to watch collectors are that the USA adopted standard time and around October of the same year Greenwich also established itself universal time under the meridian of longitude. Sadly, in that same year Police seized all the copies of “What I Believe In” written by Tolstoy. But gladly the first volume of the Oxford Dictionary was produced and sold. If you had your trusty Breitling with you, you may have been able to make the last sighting of the eastern cougar although this sighting did happen in Ontario not Switzerland, but then we are back in time so perhaps travel is easy too.

Another remarkable thing happened in 1884 that same year that the Breitling Company and therefore its long line of successors all from the same family, came into being and that was that the man who was later to become the 33rd President of the USA was born in Lamar, MO and he was known as Harry S Truman.

When we travel back from that year 1884 we see that Leon Breitling was blessed with a son who was named, Gaston Breilting and he was to carry on the success of the company and turn it into an even greater enterprise. Later he was to indeed have a son himself and he named his son Willy Breitling. Now Willy must have been blessed with the watch making gene because he also went on to do great things by introducing the first wrist watch with a chronograph. There are many more amazing things that this company went on to do and they continue even until today when many other companies copy the master pieces of the Breitling by producing the Breitling replica watch. Check them out for yourself.

Replica Watch

For a watch that will really make your heart skip a beat, it has to be the replica watch Alain Silberstein. This watch is completely perfect as far as providing you with satisfaction. Once you’ve seen this watch it will be so much harder for you to take seriously any other watches.

As a wrist watch it brings a higher level of beauty than the pocket watch or any digital from the 1980s. It has a certain creative presence that makes it somewhat more modern than many other watch designs out there today.

Not only it is a beautiful replica, it also comes as a very affordable watch for anyone that is careful to buy quality at a reasonable price. This is one watch that you will buy and be glad you did. There will be no regrets here.

It is once in a lifetime that you find something or someone who is perfect for you. There are times when a watch comes close to being the perfect watch for you and you are excited and overjoyed by the fineness and stunning perfection but it is once in a lifetime that you truly know that this moment will never be repeated and that is what it’s like when you first receive your replica Alain Silberstein.

Once you’ve had this feeling, it will be hard to resist buying another and yet another of this fine design. Could it be possible that this feeling could happen again? Even though you thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity? There’s only one way to find out.

For anyone that admires a classy watch, the Alain Silberstein fake is a breathtakingly splendid example of fine quality with that creative edge. It is a most exquisite example of a chronograph.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


When one thinks of glamour in the timepieces collection, there is no doubt in people’s mind as to who would be the choice of the majority – it would be the Harry Winston collection. For over the past decades, the company has continually developed and improved their design and craftsmanship to come up with a timepiece of unsurpassable beauty and style.

In addition, a unique diamond feature in the watch added prestige and nobility in their watch collection.

The replica Harry Winston watches are just the mock versions of the original brand which was created by Mr. Harry Winston in 1932. The imitation was able to capture the distinctive design and features of the original making it very popular among less sophisticated buyers. In addition, the very affordable price of the fake Harry Winston watch contributed to the attractiveness of owning this fine piece of watch. Based on the current market, the Harry Winston replica watch can be purchased at a reasonable amount of only $280 or even less. This is a very practical investment most specially to low income earners who could not afford to patronize commodities with exorbitant prices.

Additional features:

The watch is powered by the Japanese quartz movement which has been known worldwide to produce accurate and reliable time keeping.

It has an attractive black dial with the company’s logo highlighted in the dial.

The facial attribute of the watch is made of mineral crystal glass which is scratch resistant.

The solid back casing has its proper markings and engravings as copied in the original watch.

The strap is made of genuine black leather band.

The replica watch features a collection of models, such as the Automatic watch models and the Lady’s Quartz models.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Celebrity Fashion Twins

Celebrities are celebrities. They are human made and when they are made they rule the world. Many of the celebrity fashion twins exist, and many are made everyday on the ramp or somewhere in the fashion world. But, what remains the fact is that these twin fashion icons make the fashion world swivel around them. Hilary DuffFrom Disney Channel star made pre teen and teenage line in line is available in Target, Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, Sears and JCPenney.

Well known Hollywood actress Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowles, got together to build up high-end fashion line House of Dereon in 2004. Beyonce has also tied up with her sister, Solange, to create affordable Dereon line, which aimed at marketing designer wear for the younger customers.

Mary-Kate and Ashley clothing line or the Olsen twins have come up with their label The Row, a high fashion, pricey adult fashion line, being sold at sold at Wal-Mart. The more affordable line of fashion wear named after their sister, Elizabeth and Brother James has also sprung up. Penelope Cruz and her sister, Monica, have come up with an exclusive clothing line for the Spanish label Mango. Furthermore, both Sienna Miller and her sister, Savannah, created a high end line and kept its name as twenty8twelve.

These and many other examples exist in line out here in the fashion world. Many of the fashion twins have created range of fashion clothing over a period of time. These clothing have been the popular brands and are liked by people belonging to every class and every age group. The best thing about the fashion line endorsed by celebrity fashion twins is that people who worn these clothes are mad about their association with their beloved celebrities.

For searching an exclusive range of celebrity fashion twins clothing, you need to search through the entire online inventory. There are new set of clothes and high style fashion range being dictated by the celebrity fashion twins. This sumptuous clothing range can charm you and make you the celebrity of the town. Enjoy wearing them, and see the difference.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fashion Savvy People

Fashion rules everywhere. It is the order of the day in the rich and elite class, as well as the middle strata of the society. You don’t need to be rich to be fashion savvy. The urge to do fashion comes from within, and one can be fashionable even by investing few dollars. Moreover, with the changing trend ands style, fashion has become a unisexual term, where both men and women have become conscious about their hair styling, dressing sense, beauty and every thing.

Beauty product companies are coming up with eco-conscious product line which is effective to apply on the body, and are not harmful at all. What’s more, adding to the power of beauty products, exclusive and affordable line of fashion wear have started thronging the market place. These exclusive fashion clothing is endorsed by the celebrities, which further attracts the attention of the wearer in general.

But, are all people fashion savvy? Well if you want the real answer, you know its NO. Only handful people are fashion conscious. Rest of them just seems to follow what seems to be normal and looks graceful on their body. They don’t follow the trend which is being advocated by the models, or by any fashion celebrity.

There are positive as well as negative aspects of being fashion savvy. First the positive effects of being fashions conscious. Getting fashionable indirectly means adopting healthy lifestyle. Generally, it is seen that a fashionable person is more conscious about his or her health. Don’t simply relate fashion to wearing expensive clothes, or going to discotheques, or adopting the brands that are endorsed by celebrities. Fashion is what makes you graceful.

Now coming to negative aspects of fashion… The negative aspects of fashion are conducted through vox populi and through a limited section of the society. Under this scenario the fashion mad people wear skimpy clothes to attract attention of others. This is what we call negative fashion, and is on the rise in the modern society.

Finally, it is true that fashion breeds positivism in a person, but it is also equally true that too much of it simply makes the person stand the odd one out.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Fashion Website Design, Celebrity Website

Fashion and lifestyle dictates the society what to wear and what not to wear. Whether it is the elite class, or middle class, everybody needs to be in fashion, and everybody loves to remain in style. A fashion oriented flash website design is the right medium to offer the trendy designer wears, or wardrobe creation for the celebrity, or knowing the art and design of the designer’s creation. The flash based websites make use of graphics and animation to create the aura of style and fashion in a unique way that attracts millions to browse through the traditional and contemporary lifestyle clothing.

A fashion based Flash website Design just gives the right dimension to the handsome designs and the rich artwork designed by the new fashion magnates, as well as old fashion monks. Through the interactive web medium, the designers can get whopping impetus to their business, as they sell fast and great too! The flash websites for the fashion industry are the true public relation agent, that let’s the audience go for the innovative dressing styles, and also explore new styles created by the designers. Being fast and interactive, a fashion dominating flash website design give the users the right medium and the right track to select the kind of style they actually want to go for. It is easy than selecting in the physical market. Imagine! Going into the popular shopping mart and packed in the crowd…

With the ease of selecting your design by sitting in the cool composure of your home, you can just save plenty of your time. What’s more, out there on a flash website fashion is just not the trend, but it is a cult, that is liked and adored by millions who throng the place for new designs and styles frequently.
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